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Very Clear Thinking

A safe space to talk about life skills

Personal and expert guidance for your teenager

Very Clear Thinking uses life skills to help teenagers ace school with less effort, become emotionally resilient and create a path to a compelling future. All in a safe space.


I’ve worked with...


Your parenting support team

Because you know that quality conversations are everything.


Windows to talk about life, mental health and future decisions are limited, your teen is growing up fast!

Let them open up (sooner) to someone else.

Find reassurance that they’re talking to someone useful (and not copying their friends again).

Achieve at school by working smarter, not harder

How do you get an extra seven months' progress per year at school?

  • Metacognition, or 'learning how to learn' skills have the biggest impact on education progress (Education Endowment Foundation).
  • It is more effective than tutoring.
  • These skills will compound, creating success at school, college and then university.


Your teenager + life skills = ready for adulthood

The moment you step foot into your first adult job, your degree certificate fades away.

What gives?

That’s because your qualifications helped you get there, life skills help you get ahead.

Employers are desperate for young people to demonstrate soft skills such as self-awareness, resilience and emotional intelligence.

Help your teenager be work and future ready, today.

Less moods, cooler dudes

“It’s not schools at fault – we know they are under increasing pressure...We know that many are doing the best job they can with limited resources and staff need the right expertise and support from other parts of the system” (Louise Clarkson, Head of Children and Young People at Mind).

Immediate access to:

  • Pre and post coaching wellbeing surveys
  • A personalised mental health toolkit

Root out a deep ‘why’

I promise you. There is one there.

They may not share it with you, but there is a seedling, thirsty to be watered and fed.

Your teenager can 100% find their spark with their education, friends and future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with my teen?

Where does your teen need support right now?

  • We start off with an area of focus and then ensure these strengths feed into every area of life.
  • Unlike school or tutoring, our 1-2-1 sessions are a safe place for teenagers to vent, share, scheme or dream.
  • All conversations introduce or create awareness around the most influential life skills.
Parent involvement?

This depends on you and your teenager! We want to encourage them towards making self-aware choices as a result of working with me. They’re still your children though and you can agree with your teen how much and what to communicate with each other. Any safeguarding/medical reasons for coming straight to you will definitely happen.

How do I get started?
  • Book a call with me for your teenager
  • Either 1) Have an initial chat with me or 2) Book a free intro coaching session
Agree a long term coaching focus for the next three months

“Coaching with Jay was really fun”

Alfie A-level student

“I’ve never thought so deeply about my future before”

Tim, 15 GCSE student @ Langley Academy


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